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We give our support to:

The Accident & Emergency Department (AED)

at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Accident and Emergency Department (AED) is the primary admitting pathway for patients to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, the AED receives over 40, 000 patient visits annually; and as Barbados’ lone tertiary healthcare, public hospital the staff of the AED welcome, see and treat a wide variety of patients from newborn babies to centenarians and everyone in between

A few facts about the AED:

  • The AED sees approximately 100-110 patients per day

  • Asthmatics account for 25% of patients seen in the AED

  • 25% of patients seen are children (16 yrs. and under)

  • 25% of patients seen are 65 yrs. or older

  • One third of patients seen have experienced trauma; and two thirds are non-trauma patients

  • On average 20-25 patients are admitted from the AED to hospital daily

  • Approximately 16% of patients admitted require critical care including use of cardiac monitors and ventilators

There are often several challenges in the patient pathway, some of which can be reduced by acquiring and, in some cases, increasing the complement of essential equipment needed for improved patient flow.

In order to reduce the negative impact on patient care, the patient experience, and staff productivity, these challenges must be simultaneously addressed and swiftly resolved. Proceeds from this initiative will enable the AED to continue to provide safe, quality and efficient care to all persons with emergency and urgent conditions who present to the Accident and Emergency Department.

Nature Fun Ranch (NFR)

Working to Rehabilitate and Encourage At Risk Youth


With an aim of “Bringing out the positive charge in youth”, the Nature Fun Ranch (NFR) was originally founded in 1999 by five Barbadian teenagers who set out to create a more positive environment for themselves and their peers. The Ranch provides a safe environment that fosters positive and healthy lifestyles through challenging, educational, equestrian and fun programmes.

The charity has worked with young persons in general for almost 20 years and focuses specifically on youth who are considered most at risk of turning to a life of crime. The overall goal of the Nature Fun Ranch is to motivate and guide young men & women in becoming positive forces within their homes and communities.

With a success rate of approximately 92%, the Ranch provides an invaluable service which benefits not only a highly vulnerable and disenfranchised section of Barbados society and also the wider community.

Currently, NFR is part of the Capital One project funded by the Queens Commonwealth Trust Fund of the UK following the visit of Prince Harry. This project is ongoing and is aimed at adding sustainability to NFR via the expansion of its revenue generating activities such as poultry farming. Additionally, NFR is collaborating with Sandals Barbados to renovate its main office.


What are NFR's future plans?

  • To collaborate with Barbados Vocational Training Board to facilitate on-ranch certifications CVQs, making use of the space and workshop capacity at its base.

  • Develop decisive protocols on IT along with the acquisition of new hardware and software to enable more remote collaboration with internal and external stakeholders

  • To build a Youth Climate Change Lab in recognition of the changing environment in the region and educate ranchers on the need to understand the basics and importance of climate change adaptation. This natural science initiative will be programmed into the overall rehabilitative framework of NFR with the view to adding another positive distraction to the suite of options provided at NFR.